HyperTADS, the multimedia TADS interpreter for MacOS, lets you play all TADS games on your Macintosh. It’s fully compatible with both text-only and multimedia TADS interactive fiction.

For more information on TADS visit the official TADS site or the TADS Page for beginners.


HyperTADS is compatible with Macintosh System 7 through to MacOS 9. If you have a PowerMac (this includes any G3, iMac, etc) and QuickTime 3 or better it will also support graphics (JPEG, PNG) and sound (MP3, MIDI). It isn’t native to MacOS X yet, but will run in the OS X Classic compatibility environment.

You can get your copy of HyperTADS here, or from the IF Archive.

Download:  HyperTADS 1.3.5

HyperTADS was written by Iain Merrick with Andrew Pontious, copyright © 1998-2003. TADS was written by Michael J. Roberts, copyright © 1987-2003. HyperTADS title graphic by tela design, copyright © 2001-2002.